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Logon Technologies is a provider of rugged cameras hardware, environment-driven housing and video management software that are trusted by the world largest organizations for a range of critical Industrial applications. From a single camera to large-scale CCTV systems, we can deliver the exact video solutions you need.

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X-SERIES Explosion Proof Cameras

X-Series camera line delivers reliable process, safety, and security monitoring in harsh, hazardous and corrosive environments. These rugged cameras are certified for use in areas where ignitable concentrations of gases or liquids exist. Below is a short list of our best-selling models. Not sure what type of explosion proof camera you need? Call  us 08083338283, email,

Industrial CCTV Camera Types

Long-Range Day-Night IP Camera Systems

Do you want to detect objects many miles away?  Either custom-made or off-the-shelf and rugged cameras best for very long-range applications,  providing peculiar capabilities for less money. These long-range cameras are very cost-effective, and allow you to detect a person almost 4-miles away. They have industrialized  IR-illumination or an additional thermal imaging camera that allows you to see an object over ½ mile away.

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Off-the-Shelf PTZ Camera System

There are different configurations available. The following PTZ system contains an optical camera plus an IR-illuminator for night viewing. our modified Detection, Recognition, Identification (DRI) definitions will be integrated. For more details on Detection, Recognition, Identification: contact us

Example 1- PTZ Camera With IR

This high-resolution 2-Megapixel PTZ camera includes an IR-illuminator that has a range of over 1100 ft. (350m).

During the daytime, the 220 mm zoom lens has the capability of detecting a person at a distance of over 4 miles. etc

The camera can “recognize” if it is a person or dog at a distance of about 1.2 miles (1950 m).

We can “identify” if the person we see is a man or women (based on how they are dressed), at a distance of about half a mile (977 m). All this is during the day.

At night, the IR-illuminator restricts all the distances to less than  (350m).

Exam{“type”:”block”,”srcClientIds”:[“10329ea6-94e6-47ff-8ae1-84db690e3335″],”srcRootClientId”:””}ple 2- PTZ Optical Camera With IR

This PTZ camera includes a very long-range IR illuminator. The IR has a range of 1000 m.  The 2-Megapixel camera has very good low light sensitivity. The 0.002 lux color low light sensitivity is better than many other cameras. When it switches to gray-scale (or BW mode),

During the daytime, the cameras 5.7 mm to 205 mm (2.0-degrees) zoom lens can detect a person that’s 7000 m (over 4 miles away).

If the field of view is partially illuminated by the moon or standard lights, it can recognize a person at over 1900 m (over 1.1 miles) away.

At night, the built-in IR illuminator has a range of 1000 m.

Example 3- PTZ Thermal-Optical Camera

This camera system includes an optical camera with IR illuminator and thermal camera in one unit. A thermal camera provides different viewing characteristics than an optical camera. It does not require any light, but rather detects the thermal radiation from the target.

When there is enough light, the camera can “recognize” if it is a person or dog at a distance of about 1.2 miles (1950 m).

We can “identify” if the person we see is a man or women (based on how they are dressed), at a distance of about half a mile (977 m

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Custom Long Range PTZ Cameras

Do you need a camera that can identify an object that is 5000 m away in total darkness, then you probably require a custom camera. As the name implies, these cameras are built from the ground up to meet the exact requirements of an application. We  can select the optical camera, the IR illumination, the thermal camera, the optical and thermal lens, and the pan-tilt mechanism, designed to operate in difficult environments including high vibration situations


Optical lenses: You can select an optical lens with a very long telephoto capability, defined by the widest to the narrowest angle (or telephoto) Thermal lenses: There are also special lenses for thermal imaging cameras. Thermal wavelengths are longer than the optical wavelengths.

Thermal Imager

The thermal imager can be cooled or uncooled. You can select thermal imagers with 380 x 250 resolution or 640 x 512 resolution. The cooled version provides greater detection but costs quite a lot more than the uncooled version.

Special Laser Illumination

You can add very long range IR illumination by using a special laser.  The high-performance illumination systems include active focusing that provides even illumination that adjusts to the zoom lens magnification. The longest laser systems have a maximum range of 5000 m.

Pan-Tilt Mechanism

When you are viewing objects many miles away, the pan-tilt mechanism needs to be very precise. The positioning mechanism may need to be able to have a resolution of better than 0.003-degrees. If you need to track a fast moving object, the pan-tilt mechanism needs to move fast. etc

Examples of Custom-Made PTZ Camera Systems

The special systems have been designed with very long range lenses, with an IR laser illuminator, as well as an additional thermal camera.  The lens for the optical camera and the thermal camera are selected for the specific application

For more information about how long-range camera systems designs

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