Duct Protection Services

Duct Protection & Cleaning: We offer duct protection for Gas, Fire and Water both  Mechanical duct protection, Electrical duct protection in shafts for existing or newly constructed facilities in projects in Nigeria. Our duct services are both passive and active and green house compliant.

Logon Designs and install  transit seals to create a fire proof, gastight and watertight sealing for commercial and Residential Mechanical and Electrical Ducts either in a existing or new Building projects. We working world leading brands and designers to deliver best practice Duct protection services to businesses and projects in west Africa. In projects where duct ways are large, we reduce the sizes with fabrications ,reducing quantity of input used in sealing up holes protecting ducts horizontally and vertically.

Duct Cleaning: Logon Technologies provide duct cleaning services to facilities in Nigeria for

Contaminated ducts & filters,suction for gases, smoke and dust and Ventilation systems, preventing them from fire outbreak returning them to performance requirements

Our Cleaning Phases

A cleaning job can be divided into 6 phases:

  1. Planning meeting
  2. The inspection
  3. The offer
  4. The cleaning
  5. Proving
  6. Follow up
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