Logon Technologies International Limited with Rc 381966 was formed in May,2000 to provide Extra Low Voltage services and cutting edge technologies and elecronic security solutions to Nigerian businesses,  projects and individuals.

We offer broad Extra low Voltage, security solutions and technology services. Our services include ELV, security solution designs and deployments, Software and web development, Duct Protection, BMS Systems, Media content, Security Consulting & Training.

Logon is group into four major divisions, Extra Low Voltage Division, Security Solution Division,Software Development Division and the Duct Protection Division

Our emphasis is strongly on Technology, creativity and innovation.

Our Vision:

A Market Leader In Integrated solutions,Distribution and Extra Low Voltage Services

Our Mission:

We strive to lead in Extra low voltage and cutting edge Technology  solutions in Nigeria, Helping Nigerian businesses deploy world-class solutions, safeguarding their assets and life, increase return in investment and reduce operational cost.

Our Values:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Innovation
  • Team Work
  • Integrity
Tel: 01 2793233 / Fax: 01 2793234, Mob: +234 8033039309, +234 8108109975 /